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Bear-naked Chef: food is sexy!

August 12, 2016 0 Comment 1,030 views

If there was a proven recipe for happiness, we would never stop eating it. Naturists are keen of healthy and balanced cuisine. “Nothing but good food”… This is the motto of Adrian de Berardinis, an American Chef who decided a few months ago to start his own Youtube channel, to show the world his tremendous skills in cooking fresh and healthy Italian dishes, wearing nothing but a smile…

Cook in your birthday suit

While cooking shows are legion, the trend is not as old as it looks. Maite and Joël Robuchon were the first ones to introduce the concept of TV-cooking in France. Today, people have a fondness for online shows that offer simple yet tasty recipes. The New York Chef Adrian de Berardinis went further: he offers Italian cuisine recipes in a unique and very decorative atmosphere, showing every bit of his dense muscles! In an explosive combination, the Chef mixed two of his passions: cooking and naturism. Culinary skills set the tone a perfectly shaped body “garnished” with imposing tattoos.

Hearty recipes to share without moderation!

While the concept may seem surprising, it is nonetheless highly successful, as evidenced by the growing number of subscribers to the channel. Chicken Cacciatore, Shrimp Paccheri, bacon and peas Pappardelle are some of the Italian specialties that will make your mouth water … For those who Italian cuisine let marble, the naturist Chef plans to introduce international recipes. As Adrian says, “food is love, food is sexy”!

Photo : Brandon Roberts: ig @thebrandonroberts

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