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Nakedness in the service of our safety

May 27, 2015 2 Comments 1,275 views

In the Doubs department in touillon-et-loutelet, the authorities take children’s safety very seriously. To encourage drivers to slow down, the Mayor and his councilors had a somewhat surprising idea that could be laughable if it did not support a national cause like ‘‘the road safety’’. They have the courage to pose completely naked wearing traffic signs reminding the speed limit to 30 km / h. Explanations…

Being naked to be heard

This small town of 250 residents has many young children and its main road is not fitted with sidewalks. The roadway is thus shared between pedestrians and motorists, then caution is advised.In order not to resume road safety’s campaigns considered to be shocking, the Mayor of the city has bet on humor.

By taking off clothing and preparing a banner exposing elected officials’nakedness in full public view, the Mayor met a great challenge by using the nude as a vector of communication.

Nudity as a voice

To undress in order to draw attention to a message is rather an ingenious way to be heard by posing in rack top at the entrance to the town on a banner.

Nudity that has already been used by protest movements is considered here as protection and safety symbol.A nice way to encourage responsible behavior and promote this new speed limit’s measure.

Regardless of whether this is a publicity stunt for the municipality or a relevant awareness campaign, what do you think of the fact of using nakedness for this type of action?


Les onze élus du Touillon-et-Loutelet, nu pour la bonne cause. DR © DR

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2 Comments for “Nakedness in the service of our safety”

  1. Larry Alrich

    I think it’s fantastic and you probably can get people to do it for free. It would draw for more attention to the person were attractive according to the general public but that would not be what it naturest would subscribe to. I believe it also would give the general public a chance to be healthier Minded to there body image and the human form .