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Naturism and Oedipus complex: a contradiction?

March 30, 2015 1 Comment 3,953 views

When addressing the matter of shared nudity, especially the one expressed before the children, the opinions of early childhood specialists, mainly psychiatrists’, diverge.

For Dr. Francoise Dolto, it can be considered as an educational principle allowing children to feel comfortable with their own bodies.

Meanwhile, for other specialists like Dr. Marcel Rufo, known for his effervescence for Freud’s psychoanalyses, nudity should be completely avoided as it could be traumatic for the young generation

The overview:

Nudity and early-childhood:

When Oedipus complex is strongly present within your son’s head, and your daughter’s biggest dream is to marry her own father, some will tend to pull the alarm by erecting naturism as a practice to bypass in order to avoid disturbing the child feeling and sexuality.

The Oedipus complex, remains essential to the psychological development of the child. But, could it be hampered because of shared nudity causing serious psychological disorders directly affecting the personality of the child?

An ancestral nudity

Even if psychiatrists around the world are still competing for the truth about its effects, nudity always had its place in many cultures. Family showering, sometimes even mixed ones, are practiced during the Hammam ritual in Arab countries, in Russia’s sauna and in the Nordic countries, but also in Japan where the entire family showers in the Onsen.

Old traditions which prove that healthy and shared nudity is far from being a traumatic lifestyle, when it’s done with respect, don’t you think?

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