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Rio 2016: have you heard of the Naturist Olympic Games?

August 24, 2016 0 Comment 963 views

For sure, seeing naked athletes competing may come as a surprise… But the truth is that nudity has long been a prerequisite for taking part in the Olympic Games since their origin, 776 years BC. First, nudity was merely used for more convenience. Soon it became a vector of expression and a guarantee of transparency and integrity values, to finally disappear for “cultural” reasons. This year, Rio hosted the elite of sports, but it also welcomed the aficionados of the competition in the nude…

The elite of naked sports

The naturist Olympics took place at Praia do Abrico, the only beach dedicated to naturism in Rio de Janeiro thanks to a local association support. On the website of the event, you can read the following sentence: “Naturism frees people from the internal tensions caused by the taboos of our society “. The event that ended on August 21st was an opportunity for the best naturist athletes to challenge each others in several sports like sprint, wrestling, football, volleyball…

A growing trend

The 1st naturist Olympic Games were held in 2007 in Argentina. The second edition took place in Brazil, on the sidelines of the 2012 London Olympics Games. But, for the moment we still do not know if the next naturist Games will take place in 2020 in Tokyo (on the sidelines of the main event), or if a specific schedule will be assigned. Finally, remember that in 2014, France hosted the first naturist swimming competition with the participation of 230 athletes from 9 different countries.


Photo by Megan Trace / CC BY

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