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Our 10 commitments

  1. A choice for all tastes

We offer 5 naturist destinations with different atmospheres. You have the choice of a large campsite with more than 3000 pitches ora smaller campsite with just 100. You can choose a quiet or lively atmosphere and your favourite region.

  1. Exceptional naturist sites

By the Atlantic Oceanin a forest of maritime pines, beside a riversurrounded by lush vegetation ornear a natural lake amidst vines, cypress and almond trees... All ournaturist campsites offerexceptional environmentswhere nature is protected and where the expression "to be at one with nature" takes on its full meaning.

  1. A warm welcome

From the time of your booking until your arrival on one of our naturist campsites, we do everything to ensure your stay is a success. Our booking team and advisersare available to guideyou in your choices with regard to our destinations and to help you choose the best pitch or accommodation. On siteour teamswill continue to extend a warm welcome to you and will endeavour to satisfy your slightest request.

  1. Supporting newcomers

Staying for the first time in anaturistvillage is not always easy. You are not always aware of the codes and customs.But rest assured, we offer personalised support allowing you to enjoy yournaturist holidayswith peace of mind.

  1. Enforcing naturist values

In the footsteps of thepioneers who created Socnat, we do everything to ensure thatnaturistvalues are respected in our holiday villages. The presence of ethics ambassadors who approach holidaymakers not complying with nudity requirements, the commitmentyou sign when you arrive on the campsite, and reminder signs areall indicators assuring you that we remain particularly vigilant about the possible ethical decline of our centres.

  1. Environmentally responsible management

Because we areconvinced that tourismwhich is morerespectful of the environment and ecosystems is possible, each of our entities carries out activities throughout the year which aim to:

  • protect nature with tree-replanting campaigns,
  • encourage local production,
  • encouragewaste sorting,
  • use water wisely,
  • useorganic maintenance products,
  • set up solar lighting and indicator lights,
  • raise the awareness of young and old with regard to “eco-citizen” activities.

Do not be surprisedif during your stay you areinvited to a beach-cleaning session, or if one of the shopkeepers asks you to come with a glass plate to carry your cooked meal back to your pitch so as to avoid using a plastic tub.

  1. Safe holidays

It is because we live nude on naturist campsites that we areparticularly vigilant when it comes tochecking who is on site.Depending on the size of the campsite, teams or a person in charge look after your safety during the day and evening, checking passes and giving guidance as well as enforcing the rules. Trained and equippedto dispense first aid, these teams are able to provide assistance to any person who finds themselves in difficulty.

  1. Promotional offers for low-cost holidays!

Make the most of our start-of-the-season promotional offers allowing you to save up to 25% on the price of your stay. These offers are guaranteedto be the best: we won’t make better offers, even at the last minute.Be smart and book early!

  1. Welcoming small children

No need to weigh down your car with all your baby accessories. We will provide a baby’s cot and high-chair throughout your stay. Just mention it when you book.

  1. Guaranteed peace of mind

Guaranteed peace of mind with cancellation and interruption of stay insurance valid from time of booking until end of stay.

ChoosingSocnatholidaysmeans choosing successful naturist holidays!